Our chai is more than just tea! It's a sophisticated 7-star experience that transports you to your happy place and helps you relive your most cherished moments in life!

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Our Chai comes straight from Indian tea gardens into your cup!

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Only The Freshest Tea Leaves Make It To ChaiBag's Tea

Our tea and spices are grown and nurtured in India - the birthplace of Chai!


Ideal Growing Conditions

Our tea is comes from the oldest  tea plantations near the Himalayas 


Manual Harvesting

The freshest tea leaves are carefully hand picked to prevent excess oxidation


Blending the Spices

After being harvested and processed into more "chai looking" tea, it is blended with freshly ground spices and herbs


Tea bags & Packaging
Finally, our chai is packed into biodegradable tea bags and pouches for your consumption

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How do I get the best of my tea bag?

We recommend longer steeping times of about 7 minutes for our teas as we do not add any additives that will 'instantly' dissolve in water. Spices contain natural oils which take time to come to the surface and infuse with water. Thus, for best taste, let the blend infuse longer. We also recommend squeezing before discarding the bag.

What makes us unique?

Our CTC Blacks teas are single origin teas. This means they are all from a single family owned tea estate, in fact the oldest one in the Terai region of India. The unique topography of this region situated at the foothills of Himalayas imparts these delicate leaves a bold earthy flavor. And of course, we pick only the best ones for your chai!

How do we ensure freshness of teas?

Teas are highly hygroscopic i.e. they have a tendency to absorb moisture and so do the spices. We thus pack the tea leaves right where they are grown. Additionally we grind our spices right before blending them with the teas . Freshly ground spices add more flavor to the teas naturally.

Which dairy product best goes with our chai blend?

We recommend your choice of milk or non-dairy alternative. Our chai teas go as well with whole milk as they would do with almond or soy milk. The product also comes with instructions on how to make it. 

Can I use your tea bags to make iced tea?

You absolutely can. Just use two tea bags to steep in 5 oz. of boiling water. Squeeze and discard. Add ice and cold water to taste.

That's how Chaibag was brewed...

"The ChaiBag story started right from my kitchen, with a problem I was trying to solve for my husband. While frequently traveling around for conferences, he missed his homestyle chai and that's when I started preparing my own chai blends to send with him. I packed my blends in reusable tea bags where he could simply steep, stir and enjoy! That's how the first chai bag was born.

Soon my chai bags became popular among my friends and family. The next thing I knew was I put up my first local chai stand out of my garage. I was apprehensive at first! I mean we had all heard of a lemonade stand but a chai stand? But boy, was I wrong! It was a hit! I had prepared about 50 tea bags and I was sold out! 

So from selling chai from my garage to inventing my own chai brand, we went through a long way of sending out free samples, taking notes and ensuring the best taste. Today, I take care of my three kids - 2 human kids and my ChaiBag, making this all a reality!"

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