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The 11 Spices Chai

“With raw sugar & a bunch of spice, a chai so nice you may end up drinking it more than twice!”

Namaste! Whether you are a tea connoisseur or somebody who likes to experiment with tea, then destiny-(Google bots to be more accurate!) has led you to the right place! At our chai establishment, Chaibag you will find a tea blend made up of carefully cultivated spices and herbs sourced straight from India- The Realm of Spices.

Read on to find out what our delightful tea blend of eleven spices & herbs is all about. Don’t forget to sit with a cup of tea as you read, and imagine you are in a Tête-à-Tête type of conversation with us.

First, what is so special about us? Our tea blend is specially curated to the American taste buds & are a magnificent blend of different spices & herbs directly sourced from India, and handcrafted in Columbus, Ohio with love!

Our tea blend can be best described by this quote from William Ewart Gladstone-

 “If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you”. 

The eleven spices & herbs can transform you into a state of rhapsody in the morning, yet be your companion as the evening descends. It is the amalgamation of bold spices with milder ones with brighter tones, that is restorative at it’s finest.

What is in the blend?

Above everything else, our blend is 100% natural. The tea leaves are from the Terai region of India. This acts as a canvas for our bright, rich and aromatic spices and herbs which also travel overseas from the spice plantations of India. 

11 Ingredients of the exceptional blend-

#1. The Star One: Star anise has a sweet flavor- almost liquorish. Just as the name reflects, star anise looks like a star!

#2. Fabulous: Fennel seeds exude high aroma when roasted, and are quite flavorful. They are often used in mouth fresheners too.

#3. Natural: Nutmeg resonates a pungent fragrance and a slightly warm and sweet taste.

#4. Wholesome: White pepper has an earthy taste to them; it is hot too but it is milder than black pepper.

#5. Classic: Cinnamon is the prime example of what woody flavor is. It has some notes of citrus and is somewhat sweet in taste.

#6. Goody: Green cardamom exudes a menthol-like flavor, and has mixed aromas associated with it.

#7. Crude: Raw sugar is made by extracting juice from Palm trees or sugarcane. It is healthier than white sugar.

#8. Brilliant: Black pepper has a fresh pungent smell, and has a woody & hot taste in the very first bite itself. 

#9. Delicious: Dried Ginger root has a taste slightly that resembles that of burnt garlic paired with the heat of fresh ginger. It has an earthy and floral flavor.

#10. Beneficial: Black cardamom is a warming spice and smoky in flavor. 

#11. Choicest: Cloves are nail-shaped and their bitterness counterbalances the sweetness of all the above-mentioned spices & herbs. 

How is the tea blend made?

The number 'eleven' in Indian mythology and numerology is considered as artistic and spiritual. Thus, our  tea blends are a craft and not a recipe. Our tea blend is exquisitely curated to give you a rich, dark and intense flavor of our spices.  

  1. The eleven spices are all hand-picked to ensure absolute high quality of spices.
  2. They are then roasted at varying temperatures as each spice needs to be roasted differently to bring about it’s best taste.
  3. Our spices are then ground to form a slightly powdered concoction where the milder spices get paired with the bolder ones in proportion so that each spice's unique flavor is highlighted.
  4. This rich blend is then augmented by the addition of CTC black tea leaves  from the Terai region of India. 
  5. This holistic blend is then packed into large pyramid tea bags. Our tea bags stand out as we pack 50% more tea in them as compared to other tea bags.  Each bag can make 8-12 Oz. of chai.

What is the best time to have this wholesome beverage?

Our tea is befitting for any occasion, and can be enjoyed at any hour of the day with or without any company.

If you have ever wanted to conduct parties with high quality beverages, then our Eleven spices tea blend packaged in large tea bags are perfect for you!

Additionally, if you are making a switch from coffee to tea, then our varieties are the best suitable to make your me-time worth looking forward to. You can make it per our directions or try new recipes with our blend. Be it hot or iced, our blend will work just well!

So what are you waiting for - go ahead and get your box of magic chai!

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