How do I get the best of my tea bag?

- We recommend longer steeping times about 7-10 minutes, for our teas as we do not add any additives that will 'instantly' dissolve in the water. Spices contain natural oils which take time to come to the surface and infuse with water. Thus for best taste, let the blend infuse longer. We also recommend squeezing before discarding the bag.

What makes us unique?

- Our CTC Blacks teas are unblended. This means they are all from high quality tea leaves of single family owned tea estate, in fact the oldest one in the Terai region of India. The unique topography of this region situated at the foothills of Himalayas imparts these delicate leaves a bold earthy flavor.

How do we ensure freshness of teas?

- Teas are highly hygroscopic - meaning they have a tendency to absorb moisture and so are the spices in them. We thus pack the tea leaves right where they are grown. Additionally we ground our spices right before blending them with the teas as opposed to ordering precut spices which most other tea companies do. Freshly ground spices add more flavor to the teas naturally.

Which dairy product best goes with our chai blend?
- We recommend your choice of milk or dairy. Our milk teas go as well with whole milk as they would do with almond or soy milk.

Can I use your tea bags to make iced tea?
-You absolutely can. Just use two tea bags to steep in 5 oz. of boiling water. Squeeze and discard. Add ice and cold water to taste.