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Saffron Masala Chai

Saffron Masala Chai

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Indulge in the luxurious and authentic taste of saffron masala chai with our premium Saffron Chai. This exotic blend of saffron, dried rose, nutmeg, turmeric, and other traditional Indian spices creates a delicate yet rich cup of chai that is particularly enjoyed in the Northern part of India - Kashmir. Brew a cup of this flavorful chai and experience a spa for your senses, perfect for your daily self-care routine.

Saffron, the rare and costly spice, adds a sweet and floral taste to the chai, while also enhancing the golden color and providing antioxidant properties. Our all-natural ingredients are packed at source in India and are available as a pack of 15 tea bags or 2.5 oz of loose leaf tea (~25 cups). Enjoy hot or cold, with or without milk, and for an added touch of sweetness, add lemon and honey.

Not only is our Saffron Chai a delicious indulgence, it is also a healthy beverage backed by science. The spices in the mix provide anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a perfect addition to your daily diet.

Taste the earthy, floral, fruity, and smooth notes of our Saffron Chai, perfect for sipping post-meals, at cooler times of the day, or for a cozy night in with friends and family. Pair it with savory croissants, crackers, samosas, or sweet biscotti, cookies, and pastries for an elevated tea experience.

Experience the true taste of saffron masala chai with our Saffron Chai today.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Clover V
A Huge Fan!!

I'm a huge fan of Chaibag's Saffron Masala Chai! It's the perfect blend of spices and the saffron adds such a unique and delicious flavor. I've been recommending it to all my friends and family.

Minda Adams
The best Saffron chai in town - only from ChaiBag.

If you're looking to try something new and exciting, I highly recommend ChaiBag's Saffron Chai. It's truly a unique tea experience that's both comforting and indulgent.

Robert G
A must-try for iced chai lovers everywhere.

The blend of spices and saffron in ChaiBag's Saffron chai creates a flavor explosion in your mouth - it's a very smooth blend that tastes amazing as iced chai!

Charlotte G
Very soon became my Daily Routine!!

I am so happy that I discovered ChaiBag's Saffron masala. It has become a staple in my daily routine, and I can't imagine starting my day without it.

Layla H
A floral tea delight!!

As someone who loves drinking floral tea, I loved ChaiBag's Saffron masala as it contains dried rose petals. I steep it in lukewarm water, and add a squeeze of lemon and a little honey. I am amazed by the taste!