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Here's Why You Should Have Switched from Coffee to Chai, Yesterday

What is Chai?

Chai's origin can be traced to India. In fact, it is the native word for spiced black tea latte. A delicious and aromatic beverage, it is made with black tea, water, milk, and sugar. 

What is Masala Chai?

When you add a blend of spices such as cardamom, cloves, ginger, and cinnamon to chai, it becomes now Masala chai. While India has enjoyed Masala chai for several decades, it has made it to the Western Beverage Industry in the recent past.

If you're looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee, chai fits that bill! Read on to see why:

      • Aids in digestion:  Some of the key spices in masala chai act as stomach-soothers and stimulate digestion. To help manage gastrointestinal concerns naturally, sipping on some masala chai may help provide relief. 
      • Lowers blood sugar levels: By regulating the amount of glucose in the bloodstream or by impacting insulin sensitivity, some spices in masala chai exhibit antidiabetic properties. Trying to incorporate chai in your diet may help keep your sugar in check.
      • Promotes a healthy heart: Many things that taste good conceal how bad they are for you. Not masala chai - it tastes like what it is- truly good for you! Some of the spices in chai help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the bloodstream, thereby improving heart health. 
      • Helps fight cancer: Black tea and many of the spices in masala chai contain antioxidants, which are anti-carcinogenic. They help in combating cancer by oxidizing the free radicals in the body- the primary cause of cancer.
      • Improves cognitive processes: The caffeine that naturally occurs in chai works to improve memory recall and preserve other cognitive functions which are important.
      • Gives you better skin: By improving your blood circulation and detoxifying both your body and skin, the masala in the chai helps fight ageing and helps your skin look fresh and youthful!
      • Helps you lose weight: Being a low-calorie dietary option, chai is in itself a healthy beverage. Moreover, it enhances metabolism too - more so with the added spices in it!

      With all these benefits, chai is definitely a fantastic choice to drink to your health - literally!

      Chaibag packs each teabag with up to 3X more number of herbs and spices than other conventional brands, so you get the most out of your masala chai. Their signature 11 spices flavor is named after the number of herbs and spices in the blend.

      Disclaimer: the contents of the above article are suggestive and not prescriptive in nature; the above is not medical advice. For medical advice, please contact a medical professional/practitioner/provider. If you are experiencing any of the medical conditions mentioned in the article, please check with your medical professional/practitioner/provider before product consumption. 

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