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Masala Chai Trio

Masala Chai Trio

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Explore our entire range of chai innovative blends with our assorted teas pack!

Each blend is curated with the finest ingredients, with the essence of traditional masala chai (Indian spiced tea) and the modern palate in mind. Whether you’re new to the world of masala chai, can’t decide on which blend you love most, or simply want to spice up your daily cup of tea, the Assorted Teas pack is for you!

If you enjoy a rich and intense blend, our 11 Spices Chai has you covered. This signature blend brings out the best of eleven different hand-picked herbs and spices for an elevated masala chai experience. The aromatic blend can be enjoyed throughout the day, and its smoky, camphor-like flavor makes it ideal to be had with either savory or sweet snacks.

For an innovative and energizing twist on the classic chai, we have the Dirty Chai. This blend combines coffee with the base blend of seven spices. The origins of this unique blend can be traced back to the chai vendors of Bihar, in India. The Dirty Chai has a nuanced flavor profile that blends the boldness of coffee with the warmth of traditional chai.

To immerse yourself in a luxurious and premium chai experience, dive into the world of Saffron Masala Chai. This blend comes with strands of saffron and dried rose petals, which infuse your cup of tea with floral and fruity notes. Inspired by the saffron-chai of Kashmir in Northern India, each sip of this blend is ambrosial, and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

For all blends, we use a selection of freshly cut and ground spices, including star anise, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and cardamom. Our black tea is sourced from one of the oldest tea gardens in India, and is single-estate – guaranteeing an authentic, nutritious, and full-bodied cup of tea. Each blend is available loose leaf and in tea bags.

Embark on a journey of flavors and aromas with our assorted teas blend today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jackson S
A trio of delightful chai blends

I highly recommend the Masala Chai Trio! The 11 Spices Chai is a perfectly balanced blend of spices, the Dirty Chai is a fun and flavorful twist, and the Saffron Masala Chai is an exotic and delicious treat that I will definitely be buying again.

Tyler Davis
Perfect for a caffeine boost!

The Dirty Chai is perfect for those who need an extra caffeine boost in the morning. The coffee and spice blend is a match made in heaven. And you can always balance it with the 11 spices and saffron Chai included in the trio pack.

Marco Rossi
Perfect iced drink during the heat wave!

Iced tea is staple in my household during summers, and this Masala Chai trio pack is the best way to make a non-sugary ice drink. My personal favorite is the Saffron Chai with a slice of lemon and a dash of honey for sweetness. Perfect iced drink during the heat wave!

Chloe Wilson
Perfectly balanced masala chai trio

I love the variety of flavors in the Masala Chai Trio! The 11 Spices Chai has a perfect balance of spices and the Dirty Chai is a unique twist with the addition of coffee. The Saffron Masala Chai is my favorite with its delicate and exotic taste.

Luciano Bianchi
All the Masala Chai tastes quite refreshing--I LOVE it!

My niece gave me a box of this tea at Christmas, and I was so in love with it from the first sip that I ordered 6 boxes of it! I had never heard of Masala Chai, so when I tried it, I was skeptical, but it really is amazing! So easy, and will be wonderful come this Summer, when I want a quick cold drink to take outside with me! The mix of herbs and spices is great for keeping the BP in check as well, and all the Masala Chai tastes quite refreshing--I LOVE it!