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Saffron Masala Chai Sample ( 1 teabag)

Saffron Masala Chai Sample ( 1 teabag)

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Premium Saffron Chai: Indulge in Authentic Luxury

  • Saffron for tea? Yes! Pumpkin chai may not have real pumpkin but not our Saffron Masala chai which is loaded with the rare Saffron spice from Kashmir, India
  • A delightful mix of, offering a delicate yet rich cup of chai reminiscent of the Northern part of India - Kashmir.
  • Elevate your daily self-care routine with this Saffron tea - a spa for your senses.

Ingredients:  Saffron, rose petals, nutmeg, turmeric, and traditional Indian spices

Packaging: Available as a pack of 15 tea bags or 2.6 oz. of loose leaf tea (~20 cups), packed at source in India.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, fruity, floral, smooth

Source: From the foothills of Himalayas

Brewing: Brew in hot boiling water for 8 minutes or longer. 

How to Enjoy:

  • You can have it as just tea with lemon and honey
  • Consume it as chai with the milk and sugar. 
  • Perfect for post-meals, cooler times of the day, or a cozy night in with friends and family.

Caffeine: Medium Our chai blends have more masala and less black tea than conventional masala chai blends, making it a perfect choice for those who can tolerate medium caffeine levels.  

Health Benefits:

Our Saffron Chai is more than a delicious indulgence and offers scientifically backed health benefits.

  • Saffron is loaded with antioxidants, which oxidize free radicals- a root cause of most health issues 
  • Saffron & spices boosts immunity. Regular consumption can help defend against common illnesses
  • Saffron is known for reducing inflammation in the body. 
  • Saffron is referred to as the "sunshine spice" due to its mood-enhancing properties.
  • Incorporating Saffron Masala Chai into your routine might contribute to a brighter and more positive outlook.
  • For those looking to manage their blood sugar, incorporating Saffron Masala Chai can help regulate their blood sugar

Ready to embark on a journey of wellness? Explore our premium Saffron Masala Chai blends and make every tea-time a celebration of health and flavor.

Fun Fact: Chai is not just one specific drink! There can be numerous chai blends, each offering a distinct flavor profile. From spiced masala chai to floral and herbal infusions, there's a chai for every taste.

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