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Saffron Masala Chai with 11 Spices and Dirty Chai samples

Saffron Masala Chai with 11 Spices and Dirty Chai samples

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Saffron Masala Chai: Indulge in Authentic Luxury

A delightful mix of saffron, rose & nutmeg  offering a delicate yet rich cup of chai reminiscent of the Northern part of India - Kashmir.

Ingredients:  Saffron, rose petals, nutmeg, turmeric, and traditional Indian spices

Tasting Notes: Sweet, fruity, floral, smooth

Source: From the foothills of Himalayas

Brewing: Brew in hot boiling water for 8 minutes or longer. 

How to Enjoy:

  • You can have it as just tea with lemon and honey
  • Consume it as chai with the milk and sugar. 
  • Perfect for post-meals, cooler times of the day, or a cozy night in with friends and family.

Caffeine: Medium 

Dirty Chai Sample

A distinctive chai flavor as it has premium coffee blended with our proprietary 7 spice mix, resulting in an extra caffeinated chai tea.

Origin: Dirty chai  originates from the Indian state of Bihar, making it an original Indian chai drink

Storage: Keep it in a sufficiently cool, dry place to prevent the coffee from getting sticky.  Once brewed, refrigerate up to 48 hours, warm it up and enjoy!

Available as: Available in 25 chai bags or 3.52 oz loose leaf.

Brewing Instructions:

  • Pour hot boiling water over 2 teaspoons of tea or 1 tea bag  
  • Steep for 5-7 minutes and strain in case of loose leaf tea.
  • Add milk and sugar 

Ways to Enjoy Dirty Chai:

  • Enjoy it with milk or it's substitute and sugar - hot or cold as an Indian Chai drink
  • Throw a tea bag into your brewed coffee for a chai flavored coffee drink.  Try it iced for a refreshing option on hot days.
  • Enhance your cup by adding your favorite seasoning such as cloves, cinnamon or fresh mint extract for an extra kick.

Tasting notes : Earthy and bitter coffee notes, subtle astringency from the tea, and a velvety texture from milk or substitutes create a smooth and  rich flavor profile

11 Spices chai  sample

This signature blend was our first take on authentic Indian masala chai, and is what made us famous :)

Ingredients: CTC Black Tea, Green Cardamom, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Dried Ginger Powder, Black Pepper, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise, Nutmeg, Cloves, White Pepper, Black Cardamom.

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied, Spicy, Smokey, Nutty, Muscatel flavor

Source: From the foothills of Himalayas

Brewing: Brew in hot boiling water for at least 5 minutes. 

Caffeine: Medium

How to Enjoy:

  • Best enjoyed with warm milk and sugar added to it
  • Consume hot or make it iced by pouring it over ice 
  • Suitable for mornings and mid-day; can be consumed at night for those not sensitive to caffeine. 
  • Generally more spicy and flavorful than pumpkin spice tea,  or  ‘the best ginger tea’ you may have had.

Ready to embark on a sensory adventure and a lifelong journey of wellness? Try our Saffron Masala along with Dirty chai and 11 Spices!

Fun fact: Chai vs. Chai Latte: While often used interchangeably, there's a difference between chai and chai latte. Chai is typically black tea with spices, while a chai latte includes steamed milk.

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